Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson Live

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson Live | Certainly! The boxing world is abuzz with excitement as Jake Paul, the famous YouTuber turned boxer, gears up to face off against the legendary Mike Tyson in July. Despite their significant age difference, with Tyson being much older than Paul, fans are eagerly anticipating this match.

Jake Paul has been on a winning streak in his boxing career, with only one loss to Tommy Fury, Tyson’s brother. However, facing someone as iconic as Tyson presents a real challenge for Paul, who has often been seen as the favorite in his previous fights.

The fight is scheduled to take place at the AT&T Stadium in Texas on July 20th. While Paul is considered the favorite to win, Tyson isn’t being underestimated, with odds suggesting he still has a chance at victory.

As for the rules of the match, it’s still unclear whether it will be a professional fight or an exhibition. Rumors about protective gear and glove weights have been dismissed. The exact details about the duration of the fight and the number of rounds are yet to be confirmed, especially given Tyson’s age.

Fans can look forward to watching the event, which is expected to be live-streamed on Netflix. While the exact timing hasn’t been announced, it will likely be in the early hours of Sunday morning for viewers in the UK.

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson Odds

ResultBest PriceImplied Probability
Jake Paul10/1152%
Mike Tyson146/10041%

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